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With our more than 90 own HGVs, we are en route day-in, day-out in Germany and on the roads of Europe for our customers.

All vehicles are linked to our Dispatch department via the FleetBoard services. This way, we always receive the current position and are able to manage our vehicles efficiently.

In order remain technically and ecologically (CO2 evaluation via FleetBoard) up-to-date at all times, the fleet is continuously renewed. Therefore, the Euro 6 emissions class is self-evident for us.



Interior dimensions
Length 13.62 m
Width 2.48 m
Height 3.00 m

Number pallet spaces 34

Payload 25,400 kg


Interior dimensions
Length 13.62 m
Width 2.48 m
Height 2.70 m

Number pallet spaces: 34

Payload: 25,400 kg

Double floor swap bodies

Interior dimensions
Length 7.65 m
Width 2.48 m
Height 2.69 m

Number pallet spaces 19 | 38

Edscha-swap bodies

Interior dimensions
Length 7.65m
Width 2.48m
Height 2.65m

Number pallet spaces 19

Local traffic piece good distribution

In the local traffic | piece good distribution area, we presently use 50 vehicles, of the type 7.5 to. , 12 to.  and 18 to. with swap bodies construction one. All vehicles have a lifting platform. This commitment is ensured through a part of our own fleet, as well as fixed, regional transport contractors.

All vehicles have appropriate ADR | hazardous goods equipment and the drivers have the relevant training for this.

Interior dimensions
Length7.20 m
Width2.48 m
Height2.20 m


courier vehicles


Interior dimensions
Length 2.20 m
Width 1.00 m
Height 0.85 m

Number pallet spaces 1/2

Payload 756 kg

Crafter suitcase | hydraulic ramp

Interior dimensions
Length 4.35 m
Width 2.10 m
Height 2.00 m

Number pallet spaces 8

Payload 700 kg

Crafter Plane | Spriegel

Interior dimensions
Length 3.30 m
Width 2.00 m
Height 2.15 m

Number pallet spaces 6

Payload 1,083 kg


Interior dimensions
Length 4.30 m
Width 1.78 m | 1.35 m
Height 1.8 m

Number pallet spaces 5

Payload 717 kg




Utility vehicle service

Our own, modern washing and fuelling facility is available for supplying and optimum maintenance of the fleet.


A dedicated HGV master workshop keeps the fleet moving and guarantees the utmost reliability.

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