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You can easily calculate and book a cargo price based on your individual shipment requirements. The user friendly menu navigation leads you step by step through the whole process. Our sales team is always at your disposal for any assistance.

Of course you still can address your request by email (

We require at least the following information: Dispatch country | town | postal code, recipient country | town | postal code, number of shipping units, dimensions of the shipping units (L X W X H in m), weight in kg gross (incl. packaging material), deadlines, delivery terms | Incoterm, net goods value of the shipment, hazardous goods, if applicable, customs services or other special features.

A general cargo consignment is limited to 2500 kg / shipment, max. 1500 kg / shipping unit (without lifting platform delivery), max. 1000 kg / shipping unit (with lifting platform delivery), max. dimensions in m (L x W x H): 2.40 x 1.80 x 2.20

The normal runtime of a general cargo consignment is 24-48 hours from acceptance of the goods; in Europe, the normal runtime differs according to distance and departure frequency. Please use the runtime request under Service:  "Normal runtimes"  or ask us:

The goods must basically be packaged. No liability is assumed for unpackaged and insufficiently packages goods. The packaging should be selected such that the goods can stand up to the transport process and possibly multiple handling processes. Good larger than (in m): 1.20 x 0.60 x 0.60 and > 30 kg should be shipped using a loading aid (one-way pallet | europallet). The size of the loading aid should be selected such that it is flush with the goods on it. The goods must not be accessible and should not be unprotected. Additional warnings are helpful in the form of stickers (“Caution: sensitive goods”, “do not apply force”).

All papers, such as delivery notes and invoices, which are intended to reach the recipient on delivery, are to be attached to the goods e.g. using a shipping pouch. Furthermore, each package must be labelled with the sender and receiver details for identification. The driver must receive a shipping document (see also in download area: "Shipping order"),in which all relevant data must be entered for shipping. Please note that you are responsible and liable for the information in the shipping documents.

Ideally, notify the collection one day in advance. Please note that shipments > 2500 kg and > 1.6 load metres must be notified one day in advance by noon. Collections of small shipments are also possible later, possibly also on the loading date. The following basically applies: the earlier the notification, the best the relevant loading space can be planned for your shipment.

The collection time may differ on the basis of the shipment size and distance. But as a rule, the goods will be collected from you during the time from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on a day that you specify. Please inform us if special goods receiving | dispatch times apply with you or your recipients, as well as loading | unloading situations, e.g. lifting pla5tform required, only 7.5 t HGVs permitted, etc.

The sender | customer (or the recipient) is responsible for transport-safe loading (as well as for unloading). The load is transport-safe, if the cargo is stowed away or fastened such that it can withstand normal transport without damage. However, the carrier bears the responsibility for the operationally safe loading. The load is operationally safe, if it is sufficiently protected and does not cause danger or harm to anyone.

Depending on the scope of the order, it may be meaningful to use our “Orderrace” shipping service’ the data can be recorded here, labels and shipping documents printed and the data sent to us via data transmission. Nevertheless, the collection | special features for transport must be notified to the Dispatch | Customer Service department separately.

No. You must basically decide whether you want transport insurance coverage via the forwarder or not, as you may have your own transport insurance or want to save these costs. Please note that the assessment of your possible recourse claim is subject to liability limitations if the transport insurance is not covered (see also in the download area: "ADSP"- General German Freight Forwarding Terms and Conditions, latest version). In order to provide transport insurance cover for you, we require the net goods value of the shipment, which you must also state in the forwarder handover certificate. We regard the specification of the goods value as an order to provide transport insurance coverage. Please avoid a shortfall of transport insurance cover, as this also had an impact on the refund of a potential recourse claim..

We do not transport any food, living plants and animals, no securities | valuables, antiques or removals items | assembled furniture. Furthermore, we do not accept transport of private individuals to private individuals.

The normal delivery service to the recipient ends with the provision of the goods at the ordered place of receipt. Please note that drivers who extend the delivery service at the recipient’s request function as legal agents of the customer | recipient. The customer | recipient is responsible for loading and unloading. If the goods should be required to be delivered “free at place of use”, ask for our “targo-on-site plus” or “targo-on-site premium” products.

In the general cargo sector, HGVs are usually equipped with a lifting platform, however, in the partial and complete load sector, this tends to be the exception, therefore: If a lifting platform delivery is required, this must be noted on the order!

  • targospeed: In short, clearly defined runtimes for procurement and distribution in Europe
  • targofix: precisely controllable delivery date specifications provide relief to picking and packing zones with the supplier and optimise goods receiving flows with the customer
    • targoflex: reliable, extensive and time-flexible transport service at cost-effective rates

Within the “entargo” product family, time-defined deliveries are possible until 10:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m. within the context of targospeed | targofix in Germany and partly also in Europe; more precise information is available in our respective Customer Service department.

You can view the progress of the general cargo shipment using our shipment tracking (see under Service: "Shipment tracking") or ask by e-mail in our Customer Service department ( Our staff will be pleased to assist you!

We will be pleased to offer you the service of providing you with relevant information at regular intervals to an e-mail address that you have specified as an individual or collective certificate in the form of a PDF file for a fee. Request additional details from our Sales employees at  : 

We work exclusively with europallets and mesh box pallets; a mesh box exchange is only possible in Germany, europallets are exchanged in DE, AT and Benelux; additional countries only on request; the movements of exchangeable loading aids are recorded and receipt is acknowledged in the transport documents, as well as being recorded in account management and can therefore be exchanged again upon request.

Functional pallets (boards and blocks must be intact, EUR | UIC | EPAL marks available) are exchangeable.

Commercial invoice in triplicate with company stamp and signature, declaration of origin, export declaration (ABD), EUR 1 from a goods value of €6,000.00 / shipment

Please contact the invoice issuer stated on the invoice in the case of invoice complaints.

L x W in m / 2.40 m; however, it must be noted that this formula is based on a peak loading metre calculation and does not take account of any stowage loss, which is charged to the customer’s goods, which caused the stowage loss.

With chargeable weight, the effective weight is checked with the weight according to cbm or loading metre; the respective higher weight is then the chargeable weight; e.g.: 1 Pal (1.20  x 0.80 x 1.00) =100 kg effective ; 150 kg / cbm; chargeable. weight = 144 kg.

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